Valentines Week 2018 – Schedule Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, Full list

Valentines Week 2018: Hello Friends If You Are Searching For Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chocolate Day, Happy Rose Day, Happy Propose Day, Happy Hug Day, Happy Kiss Day. Check This Article.We are aware that your dates and are keen to understand the Valentine Week 2018 List. Because we’ve given all of the data that you want, within this 18, your hunt is over. The schedule has been supplied by us here. You’ll discover messages and SMS. Can be shared with Whats App, Facebook along with Google Plus. Bookmark this page or discuss it on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus to spread the love on websites out. Please discuss your love tales and your ideas also.

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Valentines Week 2018: Happy Valentines Day, Happy Chocolate Day, Happy Rose Day, Happy Propose Day, Happy Hug Day, Happy Kiss Day


Valentines Week 2018 List

Valentines Week 2018 List


First Day of Valentine Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2018
Second Day of Valentine Propose Day Thursday 8th February 2018
Third Day of Valentine Chocolate Day Friday 9th February 2018
Fourth Day of Valentine Teddy Day Saturday 10th February 2018
Fifth Day of Valentine Promise Day Sunday 11th February 2018
Sixth Day of Valentine Hug Day Monday 12th February 2018
Seventh Day of Valentine Kiss Day Tuesday 13th February 2018
Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Wednesday 14th February 2018
Ninth Day of Valentine Slap Day Thursday 15th February 2018
Tenth Day of Valentine Kick Day Friday 16th February 2018
Eleventh Day of Valentine Perfume Day Saturday 17th February 2018
Twelfth Day of Valentine Flirting Day Sunday 18th February 2018
Thirteenth Day of Valentine Confession Day Monday 19th February 2018
Fourteenth Day of Valentine Missing Day Tuesday 20th February 2018
Fifteenth Day of Valentine Break Up Day Wednesday 21th February 2018

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Rose Day (7th February 2018) :

This is the First Day Of Valentines Week 2018.Happy Rose Day:- Rose Day is arriving, and all are made plans to wish the eve to their partners in a various manner. Then do not worry if you are. Get Rose Day  2018 from here and send to a loved one with this increased day. It will make her/him feel in the 7th sky. You may get Rose Day Quotes for Friends,

Rose Day Quotes for Boyfriend, Rose Day Quotes for Facebook along with Rose Day Quotes from Hindi. Therefore don’t get upset if you haven’t made any plans to make because we are always here to help you.

Rose Day 2018

Rose Day 2018


Propose Day (8th February 2018) :

This is the Second Day Of Valentines Week 2018.If you are in love with somebody and want to indicate him afterward Propose Day will be best because of it. Buy Propose Day 2018 out of here and send it to your love or crush and make her/him feel special. Many of you have made plans to create by proposing your loved one in a style that was numerous indicate day special. Something they don’t worry for Those Who Have not believed, we are here to assist you.

propose day images


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Chocolate Day (9th February 2018) :

This is the Third Day Of Valentines Week 2018.The day is the most popular evening for females in the valentines week. Therefore friends could be for sharing your feelings if you are about to indicate somebody special the day.

Even as we all know Valentine’s Day Week has been started and 3rd day of this week is renowned as Chocolate Day. Give her chocolate with this afternoon, if your girlfriend is mad at you.
If you’re living far away from your GF, do not stress. Buy Chocolate Day Quotes 2018 out of here and ship it to her. Believe us, she will feel after taking action happy.




Teddy Day (10th February 2018) :

This is the Fourth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.If you’re finding teddybear Day Images, Quotations 2018 to wish your girlfriend on this lovely day you then do not need to go anywhere because here we have a large collection of teddybear Day 2018 Quotes, Teddy Bear Day 2018 Images and a number of different matters such as fantasies, SMS, Status etc.. Additionally get Teddy-bear Day Images to get FB, Teddy Bear Day Images for Lover, Teddy Bear Day Images with Quotes out of here and ship to some princes.
Teddy Bear Day is celebrated mostly in Western nations, but nowadays it can be being celebrated in India. With today, boys gift teddy bears for their wives since they know girls love teddies a lot and so they share their most secrets and feelings together with teddies.


Happy Teddy Bear Day Quotes




Promise Day (11th February 2018) :

This is the Fifth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.Valentine week is close, therefore for celebrating Valentine days by their way every enthusiast excited. That the Promise day can be a very best portion of Valentine, on that day every love-birds make promises to one another and expecting to keep promises to be together living for lifelong. Consequently, we now have some specific and best Promise Day Quotes for a lover that they may send and also say to their loved ones on Promise Day.
Promise Day is common 11th February, and somebody stated that Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect man ‘that’s why lover makes promises to each other.


Promise Day Wishes



Hug Day (12th February 2018) :

This is the Sixth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.Hug day that can be celebrated on 12th February with at the Valentine So, this year hug day is close, and that is why fans are looking for the Hug day Estimates for Girlfriend and boyfriend. Quotes are ideal way to state emotions, our feelings, and thoughts, as we know. Therefore, the majority of lovers consistently think to ship best devour day quotations for love for their loved ones.
Thus, for those who have the girlfriend or a boyfriend, then you’re at the ideal website. Here, we’re getting to demonstrate to you the very best Hug Day quotes 2018 that you all might enjoy as well as you’re able to send these Hug Day Wishes, Hug Day Images, and quotes into your husband/ wife or boyfriend/Girlfriend or earliest love.

Happy Hug Day 2018



Kiss Day (13th February 2018) :

This is the Seventh Day Of Valentines Week 2018.The Valentines Week has started, and it’s the time of the year with the feeling of love all around. Here we’ve come up with some amorous Happy Kiss Day Films along with Kiss afternoon Quotations for you personally that you can send to your loved ones on this Day which falls on the 13th February 2018. The lovers take as the chance to secure their love with a kiss.

If your love is unfamiliar to you on this auspicious day, you can copy the quotes for kiss afternoon that we’ve provided below after which you can send it.

Happy Kiss Day 2018



Valentine’s Day (14th February 2018) :

This is the Eighth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.The most romantic and special day of this year, Valentine’s day is close & most of us have started doing preparations for the eve. All wish to understand a grin on the face on that afternoon of their partner. Therefore they truly are making plans to produce sure they are happier. Your wishing style may complete your this dream. Wish your soul mates with a creative and special style that this year and spread the love in the atmosphere.

So here we now have a sizable collection of valentine’s Wishes 2018 for lovebirds.

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You wish to wish the man you’re seeing in some manner that is happening, and if you’re a girl, then we are here to make this task easy for you personally. Find Valentines Wishes 2018 to get Boyfriend from here and send to a lover and make him feel out of the entire world.

Valentines Day 2018

Valentines Day 2018


Slap Day (15th February 2018) :

This is the Ninth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.This Very Day is About Forgot Some Guy Who’s The Or Maybe Not performing a Great Behavior along with You.

This Is not The Ideal Meaning, although most Of the People Thinks This on Slap Day, a Girl Slap Your Buddy. It Is Day Just Celebrated After 14th Feb To Have Some Fun With Friends.
15th Feb Slap Day comes overnight to valentine’s, like after valentine there’s also a week which is celebrated around as before valentine there is same a week. Love is just a beautiful feeling but only for those particular person who cares about it, but there are so many folks in this cruel world that don’t value this love so you may not know if the person you love is very good for you or not but because you come close to that person you know about them more and more. Slap day is famous so that that they could slap on this afternoon, for those men and women who had made a wrong decision in their life partner. The slap does not indicate that you go barbarous and smack nonetheless it refers to that you smack all of the partnership with this individual, you smack the feelings and emotions that are attached every single day, with this person who hurts you. Below are a few Feb Slap Day SMS, Scraps, Greetings, Wishes, Images & Wallpapers that you can send to all those persons who work to provide you pain in life and hurts you. Slap dozens of relation and life back again.




Happy Slap Day 2018

Happy Slap Day 2018


Kick Day (16th February 2018) :

This is the Tenth Day Of Valentines Week 2018.After Valentine’s week and the Valentine’s Day, the second afternoon to valentine’s is Kick day, on that kick off their relation with one another. Cease is related to breaking from those relations it will not signify that you kick on your partner.

Happy Kicj Day 2018

Happy Kick Day 2018



Perfume Day (17th February 2018) :

Happy Perfume Day is celebrated on 17th of February every year, after valentine’s day & valentine’s week, cologne day is distinguished following Slap and kick. So what happens if valentine’s week or Valentine’s day belongs, your love needs you hurry up, purchase perfumes love not finishes. Which match with personality. Your personality will enhance in front of others, but perfume reflects the negative and bad opinion of the own personality. So select.

Happy Perfume Day 2018

Happy Perfume Day 2018



Flirting Day (18th February 2018) :

The Valentine’s Day has gone and the fever of Valentine’s week has gone. After a pleasant and cute Valentine week, 18th of February is observed as Flirting Day. People who celebrated the days of Valentine’s week has to celebrate.

Happy Flirting Day 2018

Happy Flirting Day 2018



Confession Day (19th February 2018) :

Happy Confession Day, We are celebrated this confession day on 19th Feb every year after valentines week and also other love occasions. Confess is this a difficult and Tough job to do, if its importance is recognized by someone in love, however confession is just a thing. Love is important for everyone else, therefore, nobody would like to reduce its love but you can find so many boys and girls that love one another but can’t let it next human being, the reason could be the fear of rejection or trying to find a perfect instant or they might be stressed at confessing so here this Confession Day will be a perfect day for you go and confess.

Happy Confession Day 2018

Happy Confession Day 2018



Missing Day (20th February 2018) :

Missing Day, 20th February, could be the day to remember your lost ones(love). It is the last day in a few very valuable and beautiful although strange days’ set. You’ve already celebrated smack day, kick day, cologne afternoon, flirting confession and afternoon day after the fantastic celebration of the day. But the day that is overlooking has its value.

Quitting Day is celebrated to remember those connections which are essential for us, but we can’t pay attention.

Happy Missing Day 2018

Happy Missing Day 2018


Break Up Day (21th February 2018):

Breaking up is a cry from that pound of laundry for freedom, freedom from sleeping in the spot, freedom from dates and address labels. The rest of day usually enrolls over the February every year. With this very day, their relationship is turned off by the folks. There are suggestions you’ll be able to find for getting readily divide.
Of all the holidays and parties we’ve, there’s something called Title Break Up Day, the sort of anti-Valentine’s Day celebration for singles and people going to be single.Breakup Day isn’t only about cutting romantic twists; it might be an opportunity for you to break loose of any bad relationship that is holding you back again. The holiday that is liberating is giving a reason to people to break loose they understand won’t last, or from whatever’s costing them a lot of money.
Breakup Day shows an unexpected number of daring that any minded man would and should respect. For just one, the desire to get rid of a relationship exemplifies a trend for freedom. Splitting up is one way to shout to the world which you’re single and free game to one other and faithless people you cohabitate with.

Happy Break Up Day 2018

Happy Break Up Day 2018



So Here Is The List Of Valentines Week 2018. So go on and celebrate these days – Slap DayKick Day, and Break-up Day and so on to make it obvious that you didn’t like your lover’s behavior! No point in crying over spilled milk, is there?


Valentines Week 2018 – Schedule Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, Full list
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